Top 5 Free Blogging Platform For Beginners


Blogging has been much easier task now and you have many options to choose depends on your needs. Here are the top five free and most popular blogging platforms for beginners.



WordPress is one of the most popular web platforms in the planet. WordPress has been developed for blog like appearance and it can support heavy stuffs too. WordPress offers thousands of themes and plugins for customization. There are millions of the heavy traffic websites running on WordPress and it is one of the most downloaded CMS in the world and it claims that around 25 percentage of the internet powered by WordPress. It is one of the best choices for beginner bloggers.

Advantages of WordPress

You will be able to track your visitors and monitor the trends at the admin panel. Search engine optimization has been an easy job with WordPress with its useful tools. It is easy to configure a blog or website using this platform with few mouse clicks and you will be online within few minutes. Every day many new themes and plugins are added to the collection for business, e- commerce, blog and other customized needs. Finally, WordPress is highly customizable and responsive for all type devices and web browsers.

Alexa rank: 41



Blogger is second popular free blogging platform used by millions of people around the globe. First of all, Blogger is supported by technology giant Google and what you need to have is an account in Gmail. You can login to Blogger using Google account and setup your first blog within seconds. Furthermore, customized domain name is allowed and can be connected to Blogger page if you own one. Finally, SEO is powerful and automatically handled by Google’s tools. It helps to easily appeared in search engines.

Advantages of Blogger

Integration of Google AdSense is very convenient and the trends can be monitored using Google analytics tools together with this account. Blogger offers many themes to choose from and you can edit codes if you have html experience. In addition, you can connect and easily share your article and pages with Google plus account.

Alexa rank: 72



Weebly is one of the easiest free blogging platforms to make a stunning websites and blogs. It offers hundreds of free themes for users and simple drag and drop tools allow users to create beautiful websites without any coding experience. SEO is simple on this platform and best for online stores and product listing websites.

Advantages of Weebly

Weebly looks perfect and responsive on all web browsers and mobile devices. It is possible to make professional looking high quality websites without any development cost.

Alexa rank: 285



LiveJournal is yet another free web blogging platform with very high popularity and years of services offers free web space for users. If you love to write and keep in touch with your readers, LiveJournal is built for you.

Advantages of LiveJournal

It has the power of blog and social network which allow authors to keep their interaction with the web audience. It allows you to add custom CSS to customize your page as you wish and allows you to embed published pages to your own websites.

Alexa rank: 218



Tumblr is a powerful free website plus social media site. The strong community is the best advantage of this platform. Sharing your content conveniently is very important in ranking. Tumblr is more popular as a social media site and allows you to connect with the huge community. There are fewer options for you to fully customize your page on Tumblr.

Alexa rank: 43


There are many other free platforms are available on internet. You have to decide what your preference is and what type of content you are going to publish. If you are an absolute beginner; WordPress and Blogger are good options for you to publish your first page online. If you would like to try design and customize a little bit, then Weebly is a good choice. LiveJoural is good for writers who like to keep communicating with their readers in regular basis. Tumblr is for those who share pages and connect with your community.

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