7 Top Free Online Storage Services


Storage of data on cloud in not a new concept but the popularity has been increased and thus the number of service providers. Almost all the major web services are already on cloud base. It offers greater convenience, speed and efficiency on your finger tips. Here are the top cloud based storage services for free of charge:

  1. Google DriveGoogleDrive

Google Drive is one of the most popular cloud storage services which offer up to 15GB of data storage for free of charge. It is very convenient due to Google’s one account option for all its services. You just need to login to drive with Google account. Drag and drop interface and easy link sharing are great features of Google Drive. It is available on web, PC and mobile platform.

  1. DropboxDropbox

Dropbox is another popular online storage service available on web. It offers 2GB of free storage for users and bigger space for business as paid version. Dropbox is available on web, desktop and mobile devices as applications.

  1. One DriveOneDrive

One Drive from Microsoft allows users to store data up to 15GB for free of cost. MS Office 365 is also included thus files can be edited online. It is available on every windows PC, mobile devices and on web.

  1. MediafireMediaFire

Mediafire in another popular cloud services for data storage. It allows users to store data up to 10GB for free of charge. It has ad-free pro version and business version for those who require large storage space. Apps are available for Android and Apple users. File and folder sharing is possible with this service.

  1. Box

BoxBox is one of the big companies that offer data storage on cloud. It provides 10GB of free data storage with individual basic option. Many large MNCs are customers of Box for their business needs.

  1. pCloud

pCloud is one of the best cloud storage option for a basic user. It offers up to 20GB of data storage on pCloud1cloud for free of cost. This is one of the best storage options for media files and documents.

7.  MegaMega

Mega is one the cloud storage services that offer free data storage up to 50GB. It promises higher privacy for your personal data. It is also available on multiple platforms and it has an easier registration procedure.

There are many other companies also offers free cloud storage like Copy, FlipDrive, SurDoc, SeaCloud, Dump Truck and many more.

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