5 main factors for a high performance website


Web design and implementation has been evolved through many stages. It is important to have an online presence for every organizations and individuals to succeed in the competitive market. With the introduction of content management systems, web design become less complex task compared to previous decade.  Let’s find out what are the factors affecting the website performances.

     1. Choose better hosting service and suitable domain name

It is importance to choose a better hosting service for every website. Researches show that a slowly loading website fails its attention from the visitors. Do some research before choosing a web hosting services. Review can be helpful to get an idea about a particular service provider.

Avoid shared hosting if you are expecting high volume traffic. Free hosting services are also not suitable due to lower loading speed and performances.

In order to get attention from a visitor, a suitable domain name is essential. If your services are related to very specific topic, stick with more suitable domain name.

Here are few online tools to check website loading speed:



      2. Make your website responsive

According to researches, majority of the internet users are using mobile or tablet devices to surf on the internet and several web based applications. If the website is not responsive with the devices, the user may leave the page or quit the application. A good responsive website will attract many users and it will provide better browsing experience.Mobile-speed-test

Mobile friendly test: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/

      3. Design and organize well

Organizing website is not an easy task but it very important. It includes use of proper colors, managing contents, link within the website, proper headings, suitable pictures, and correct font size for different platforms etc. Using some picture or chart like presentation can attract viewer’s attention easily than heavy text contents. Heavy graphics could affect the speed of the website. Use appropriate internal and external links to make some topic helpful.

     4. Quality contents

Quality contents are the most important factor of every website; these contents must be original, relevant to a specific topic, helpful and up-to-date. If you offer some services, the information must be convincing to customers and make them confident about the product of services you offer.

     5. Search Engine Optimization

SEO is not an easy task and can’t be done within one day. It takes lot of time, research and effort before understand the real scenario. Even though your content is high quality and fresh, it doesn’t mean people will come to your website. You have to find ways to promote your ideas and services to the real world by sharing on other social media platforms and SEO. It must be visible to search engines and easily accessible. Use proper meta keyword and description for the contents to make it visible to search engines.


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