3 Ultimate steps to start blog with own domain name


Blogging has been started since end of twentieth century and still getting popular in all areas of interests. Many find blogging as a tool to share ideas, promote product and services and make some income from the blog as well. Lets discuss about the steps to start a blog with your own domain name.

After the launch of content management systems, web design is not a difficult task anymore. There are many free blogging platforms available for beginner bloggers. Custom domain option will not be available for users and they will have to choose a domain with extension of the free service website. In order to have a professional looking blog, it is advisable to own a domain with your name, product or service.

Steps to start a professional blog

Find out how to start a personal blog or website with custom domain:

1. Register your domain name

First of all, you need to have a domain name to start a professional blog. The cost of domain name starts from no cost to few thousand dollars depending on demand, popularity and location. You may register for a domain name like .cf or .tk for free of charge for some limited time. Domain like .com and .org are popular among all other domains.

2. Choose a reliable and budget hosting plan

Second step is to choose a reliable hosting plan. There are hundreds of hosting websites available at all geographical locations. Some website offer free hosting but not recommended due to speed, facilities and limited space. Many hosting service providers can be found with wide range of plan between shared hosting and dedicated high performance servers.


Namecheap is one of the best hosting options for beginners. The basic plan starts with less than 10$for first year. Namecheap offers domain registration and hosting (InfoMagz is an affiliate).

3. Install an open source content management system

Finally step, install a popular open source content management system like Joomla, WordPress or Drupal. After installing you may start building your first website using one of these CMSs. The decision to choose the platform must be based on what is your requirement. Most of the platforms have common features and some are exceptionally good for a specific task.

There are tons of sample templates are available for free and off course paid versions too. Documents and video tutorials are available for reference.

Start blog with Google Blogger

Blogging with Blogger platform is one of the best alternative for beginners with budget concerns. Blogger is one of the reliable mediums to start, easy to use and it has a record of guaranteed up-time. One of best feature of blogger is its SEO benefits and easy to access and share with Google account.  In addition to that, Blogger allows connecting with custom domains register under user’s name. Domain pointing has to be configured at service provider’s DNS settings.


Technology has made difficult things easier and it has been improving day by day. Content management systems are designed to perform with the use of plugins and modules for any special tasks.  There are many options to begin and the user will have to choose what suits their needs.

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